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The AI-based analytics module is designed to analyze the potential volume of individual market segments and forecast demand based on historical average conversion rates in the online sales funnel by industry.

The intellectual assistant assesses the market potential of the business idea (niche or industry)

✔ Analysis of the selected topic by the number of keyword requests
✔ Analysis of the average cost of online ads and advertising campaign
✔ Composing of semantic core (word cloud) related to the project topic

✔ Prediction of the unit economics (AI verdict - "Scaling profit" or "Scaling loss")

Quantitative parameters

Key parameters of calculation 

0 sec
For market potential
0 min
For advertising budget
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For semantic core
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System accuracy

Key Features

The novelty of the product is determined by superiority in comparison with analogs in the following areas:
  • Intelligent processing of available data over comparison of tabular data sets;
  • Accessible visualization of complex vector spaces in the form of understandable graphs and diagrams;
  • An algorithm for contextual recommendations to increase the motivation through entrepreneurship education
With the help of TOBIAS, the user will be able to get a basic analysis of the chosen industry: find out the number of queries on the topic of interest, analyze high quality sources of information (not the whole Internet), build a forecast (or several scenarios).

Tariffs tailored to your needs

We offer services for both start-ups and the ecosystem of accelerator programs where significant capacity is required:
✔ Individual users get full functionality already on the basic tariff (with a limit on the number of requests to the server)
✔ Corporate clients receive an extended package for system personalization (white-label model work is possible for an additional fee). Request a quote

For individuals

from 299
per month
1 account
7 days demo
Keywords assistant
Access to Yandex API
Project modeling
Unit economics calculator

For legal entities per month

from 499 thousand rubles.
Unlimited accounts
Unlimited API requests
Keywords assistant
Advanced analytics
Project modeling
Unit economics calculator

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For Windows 7 and above

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MacOS 10.13 and later

The download will start automatically. After downloading the file, run the installer with the .pkg extension and register in the system

System Requirements

Minimum software requirements for client devices:
1. Support for HTML and JavaScript language within browser-based operation.
2. At least 1GB RAM
3. Windows 7 (and above) or macOS 10.13 (and above) operating system
4. An Internet connection of at least 512 kbps is required to operate the system.

Installation instructions

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User manual and documentation

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